We're adding links here as we go that we think you'll find helpful. Some of them articulate the problems with modernity, the malaise, others are of interest because they help promote a healthier realtionship with life.


1. Roots of the Malaise part 1 - The first of four podcasts from Live&Flourish introducing the background to the Malaise of Modernity and how we can address it effectively.

Books and book reviews

1. A book review in the Guardian of Brigid Sculte's book 'Overwhelmed: Work, Love and Play When No One Has the Time'. It's a lively review and overview of the book which you might find relavant.

2. A book review on Good Reads of Michael Foley's book 'The Age Of Absurdity: Why Modern Life Makes It Hard To Be Happy '. A witty and accessible account of the problems of modernity with more than a few good pointers on how to change course.

3. A book review on Good Reads of Matthew B. Crawford's 'The World Beyond Your Head'. Essential reading! This is a book I was amazed and delighted to see when I found it in a Waterstones recently. It's a book full of keen insights into where and how it is that modernity is causing us so much suffering.

Body work classes in Edinburgh

1.Feldenkrais Method: This is a fantastic method for awakening a deeper awareness of your body.

2.The Alexander Technique: A way of learning to move mindfully through life with more ease and less tension.

3.TRE Scotland: TRE is a really effective way of helping us to let go of habitual tensions and even traumas that we hold onto and store in our bodies and minds.

Other Resources in Edinburgh

1.Edinburgh Laughter Club: People getting together, being playful and laughing for no reason - just laughing for the joy of laughing! A rich shared experience.

2.Mindfulness@Lunchtime: A great way to spend a Tuesday lunch hour, coming together with people from all walks of life for a simple period of peace, mindfulness and meditation.