Introducing Our Approach

Modern life is challenging for many of us. It is relatively atomised, high paced, and cut off from many of our traditional sources of nourishment and meaning. In a nutshell this describes the essence of 'the Malaise'. A thorough understanding of this malaise informs our approach and choice of practices.

It isn't a matter of trying to turn back the clock. However, in order to really flourish in life we must address those aspects of modernity that drive us to ever more distracted, busy, and alienated lives.

Our approach to working with clients centres on two main areas - lifestyle and values. Modern lifestyles are often compromising our wellbeing. Changing to a more wholehearted way of living can make a significant difference. But for any such change to be really effective we also need to reassess how we define ourselves.

Therefore, everything we do hinges entirely on helping you develop greater awareness. Awareness is key to positive change. That's why we love meditation and focusing, and why explorative dialogue is at the heart of all our work. As humans we all deeply want what is best for ourselves, so with greater awareness positive change naturally unfolds.

The three areas that we outline on our homepage often won't require therapy or medical intervention. They don't fit neatly into the model of illness. If you can see yourself in these descriptions then Live&Flourish may be for you.