Empathic Dialogue Therapy

These are one to one sessions in which we explore how you can flourish more in life. We support you while you discover the conditions in your life that are undermining and start putting better conditions in place that allow for flourishing. Our hope is that you will become more connected, aware and sensitive; living the good life more fully.

We help you set an orientation but not predetermined goals. It's very much a dialogue. Throughout we will be there to listen, empathise, encourage and if appropriate give guidance. Telling your story and having it heard is a significant part of the process.

In these sessions we will look at the specific causes that brought you to see us, your broader life history and values, and discuss the way forward for you.

Our experience is that the transition to a more soulful life needs space and stillness. That's why throughout all of these sessions you will also be introduced to simple, yet effective, meditation and mindfulness practices.

Sessions are one hour fifteen minutes. We recommend a series of sessions because this kind of work unfolds at a gradual pace. Therefore we are offering a 4 or 8 session series. At the end of a series we can see whether it feels complete or if something more wants to be explored.

You can either book a series in advance or come for an initial session and decide afterwards whether you want to continue.


A single session: £50
4 session series: £180 (£45/session)
8 session series: £320 (£40/session)

If you wish we can arrange an informal chat to help you form a fuller sense of our approach and whether you would like to proceed with our mentoring service.

Sessions can be booked with John.