Listen here to a basic guided meditation (21mins):

Guided meditation - Loving Kindness Towards Self(21mins):

Holistic Meditation - pauses that give meaning to life.

At Live&Flourish we believe strongly in the benefits of meditation. These are well known and increasingly there are scientific studies confirming what practitioners have known for centuries: In life meditation simply helps.

But meditation is often presented as a simple tool or method, as just a means to the healthy happy life that we all aspire to. We believe this view is misleading and makes meditating actually more difficult than in needs to be.

Our experience is that meditation works in a similar way to physical exercise. Exercise helps our bodies stay in good shape and when we meditate the mind is similarly kept in good shape. But meditating, like exercise, is a crucial part of that healthy happy life, rather than just a means to that end.

Particular modern issues meditation helps to address are the anxious fragmented mind and that loss of contact with our deeper emotions and feelings. Perhaps you recognise these difficulties. If so you're not alone and there are many people who have found meditation to be a great way of working against these modern tendencies.

With the right tuition, patient practice and ongoing support you can relatively quickly establish an effective meditation practice. We don't have to leave our mental states to chance. Learning how to meditate is a great way of taking the initiative.

John runs our introductory meditation workshops and courses, as well as one-to-one tuition for beginners and the more experienced.

He also teaches in the corporate context, such as on 'away day' or training events. Previous clients include the University of Edinburgh and Energy company EDF.

One-to-one meditation sessions are one hour fifteen minutes.

You can either book a series in advance or come for an initial session and decide afterwards whether you want to continue.


A single session: £50
4 session series: £180 (£45/session)

Please contact us for more information or to arrange a session.